Experience the umami of Japanese cuisine in one of the most beautiful squares in Split, in the heart of Diocletian’s Palace! Our experienced chefs and sushi masters will prepare a feast for all your senses to enjoy. Make yourself comfortable and let your gastronomic adventure begin!

The Best of Japan and the Mediterranean on the Emperor Diocletian’s Patio

Love rules on the most beautiful city patio in the midst of the Diocletian’s Palace, where you can witness the unique enogastronomic romance of imperial Japan and enchanting Dalmatia every day. 

Opposites attract and similarities bind. Enjoy the magical fusion of two worlds that may be separated by the oceans, but are firmly connected by the principle of simple preparation by which it is possible to preserve the natural flavor of foods and retain their nutritional value and health benefits. 

Excellent Specials, the Best Wines 

Carrarina poljana square awaits you with superb Japanese sushi and a great selection of eternal but also brand-new Mediterranean fish classics. Maki or fresh oysters, sashimi or fish carpaccio, futomaki or fresh shellfish buzara, nigiri or smoked seafood risotto, tuna tataki or tuna stuffed with goose liver? We offer all this and much, much more, so stop by today and check out why Adriatic Sushi & Oyster bar has become one of 10 best-rated restaurants in Split on Tripadvisor in less than two years since its opening!

For you, we have also created a fantastic list of selected wines from all Croatian wine regions, from which our professional and friendly staff will be happy to recommend the red, white, rosé or sparkling wines that go best with the dishes you choose. 

Fast Delivery in Split and Split Area

If you jealously want Japan and Dalmatia just for yourself, we will be happy to serve all our delicious dishes in your own space. Take your time, study our menu and choose what your heart desires. Then, via the popular Wolt and Glovo applications, the delicious snacks will soon arrive at your address. 

With an imperial feast on the imperial patio, deliciously combine the best of Japan and the Mediterranean. Book your table and indulge in imperial romance!