Mediterranean herbs: Addition for dishes with character

Sep 20, 2021

A Dalmatian plate delights with fresh foods, ease of preparation, and aromatic herbs that give light dishes a soul, and turn lunch or dinner into a true hedonistic celebration of the joy of living.

Spice or Decoration?

Without laurel and thyme, there is no quality roast meat or the delicious pašticada. It is as clear as day that there is no peka without rosemary. But spices are not just a matter of taste! Dalmatians like to please the eye as much as the palate, so they use Mediterranean herbs, fresh or dried, both to season dishes and to decorate them. 

Supple basil leaves on a bright red salsa, delicate mint in dark chocolate or purple-blue lavender flowers carelessly scattered on ice cream scoops, traditional or not, are certainly a challenge for the palate. But one thing is for sure—this will never go unnoticed, and it will win over even the harshest critics. Both with its appearance and taste. 

From Tradition to Innovation for the Ultimate Gourmet Pleasure

For an unforgettable meal, breathe into classic dishes a grain of Mediterranean temperament, a twig of openness, and a flower of primordial originality. Along with salt, pepper, and olive oil, play with herbs and, like a real chef, make bold combinations. 

Season your béchamel with laurel, vinegar with crystallized lavender flowers, and turn the parsley into a pesto that goes with all types of fish. Or flavor the lamb with mint, rabbit with saffron, and serve them alongside a vegetable salad with toasted fennel seeds. For a complete rhapsody, season everything with lavender jam or apple and baked pears pie with rosemary.

Seductive scents will arouse the curiosity of even the most traditional guests, and unique flavors will conquer all the taste buds. Whatever you decide to serve, when enriched with Mediterranean herbs, it will disappear in the blink of an eye. We hope you have prepared seconds!

Adriatic Rhapsody of Smell and Taste

You can also indulge in mild, sweet, and refreshing flavors with countless different but equally delicious sharp shades with our tuna tartare on avocado cream spiced with the finest Mediterranean herbs. We guarantee that the fantastic tastes and smells of Dalmatia will knock you off your feet. And that you will ask for more!