Rosé Wines: Wish Fresh, Think Rosé!


Flowers, fruit, and bubbles are a great choice if you want to completely enjoy every meal and every occasion.

True hedonists don’t really need a special opportunity to enjoy a fine drink. But whether you are hedonistic or just have a christening, wedding, or a fine dinner and you are hosting people of refined taste—surprise them with a rosé!

Everybody loves these gentle wines of a peculiar and seductive taste that will surely wow everyone present. Which means you will be the star of the evening! 

A Combination That Leaves No One Indifferent

Citruses, fruit, and flowers combined with high-quality grape varieties, when ripening in stainless steel barrels, form a combination that knocks you off your feet in terms of taste, smell, and appearance. 

Light as a spring breeze, rosé wines love the refreshing aromas of strawberry, watermelon, raspberry, cherry, melon, lemon, and fragrant notes of delicate flowers—roses, cyclamen, and violets. These fine fruity and floral notes most efficiently come to the fore in a glass carefully chilled to a temperature between 10 and 15 °C

If you want to complement the aesthetic component of an elegant wine glass in your hand with a few ice cubes, know that this wine is already light, so it makes no sense to dilute it, as all its charm melts together with the ice. 

The Right Choice for Every Dish

With a gourmet snack, you will enjoy both a chilled and carefully treated darker rosé with a pronounced fruity taste and a lighter, transparent pink one. 

Dry, semi-dry, sweet, sparkling, or bubble-free, it will perfectly accentuate the flavor of light, cooked, and smoked dishes such as fish, pasta, seafood, and simple cold appetizers. And, due to its airy quality and a pleasant taste, it goes excellently well with chocolate and fruit desserts! The combination of the sweetest notes is a real fantasy and a true pleasure for the palate, and you simply have to give in to its magic.

Do it with our Tomac Rosé, authentic and top quality Croatian sparkling wine, made from the Pinot Noir grape variety. Its taste, enriched with notes of raspberry and strawberry and combined with a refined aroma and a dull pink hue, will perfectly accentuate all the flavors of your dish. Welcome!